Dei Della Costiera
vacation house

DEI DELLA COSTIERA is a vacation house divided in three distinct and indipendent apartments which names are EDEN, OLIMPO and NIRVANA, and located in via Antonio Coppola 20, 22, I trav. 1/A, in the center of the San Lazzaro (county) of the town of Agerola, in the Naples provence.
Each apartment is provided with a kitchen, a private bathroom and a bedroom with all the comforts.
We offer to our guests all the comforts and we help with any need with kindness and cordiality.
The vacation house is located at walking distance from the Miramare Terrace, a natural balcony looking over the enchanting Amalfi Coast from which it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking view and from which starts a walkable stairway that leads to the close costal town of Conca dei Marini.

Other attractions close to the house are: the ancient castle Lauritano in via Radicosa, from which it’s possible to admire from the top the city of Amalfi; the splendid pathways of Cospiti and of Orrido di Pino; the wonderful path of Valle Delle Ferriere, that leads the traveller from Agerola straight to Amalfi, crossing directly the mountains and the great valleys where it is possible to be completely immersed in the wild and incontaminated nature and also see a natural waterfall.
At 5 Kilometers distance from our structure is located the famous “Path of Gods - Sentiero degli Dei” which leads you straight from Agerola to Positano along a natural pathway unique in the world.
Besides the normal trekking route it is also possible to climb in total safety on a specific wall dedicated to the climbing enthusiasts.

From our structure it’s possible to reach stores, bars, pubs, restaurants, tobacco store and newsstand and also the bus stop that is only 20 meters away from our structure.
At the same distance you also find an info point of the town of Agerola where our guests can get information on the various musical, theatrical, artistic, cultural and food and wine attractions offered on the various locations that you can visit during the stay in Agerola.
Dei Della Costiera is located in a strategic position to reach the divine Amalfi Coast and the islands of Capri and Ischia. Infact it is only 17 km. distant from Amalfi, 24 km. from Pompei, 30 km. from Sorrento and 37 km. from the main train station, bus station, aeroport or port of Naples.
Dei della costiera is a cozy and familiar environment, suitable to host whoever wants to enjoy a splendid vacation in Agerola. The closeness to the Amalfi Coast and places of historical interest such as Naples, Sorrento and Pompei , the relative closeness to islands like Capri and Ischia and the presence of naturalistic pathways unique on the planet, ideal for trekking passionates, make Agerola a very coveted touristic destination. Dei della costiera apartments are therefore ideal for whoever wants to go to the beach or on the mountains and for people that want to relax or have fun in a wealthy and tranquil environment and also for who wants to enjoy the flavor of the typical local products such as the “Provolone del Monaco” and the world famous “Fiordilatte di Agerola” (a very fresh mozzarella).

Dei della Costiera
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