Agerola: Colonia Montana park

The route originates from San Lazzaro, a fraction of Agerola, from the square dedicated to the General Avitabile and delimits the Colonia Montana, an evocative park covering an area of ​​about 1.5 hectares. The current entrance to the park of the Colonia takes place from via S. di Giacomo, while in ancient times it took place through the nineteenth-century building on Piazza Avitabile. In the first half of the nineteenth century, in fact, this area, like its buildings, was owned by the General Avitabile. The park today is smaller because the area originally occupied by the old stables is currently used for camping. During the Fascist era a building was constructed for it in the mountain colony. The area is planted with non-native vegetation.

The simple excursion, which can be defined as a circuit, keeps the altitude almost constantly and allows you to admire the bush, the forest and in some places enchanting views. The ruins of the "Prince of Naples" Colony Montana has been recently renovated. The building consists of 5 floors, including a basement, in addition to the 3 levels of the tower. In the basement there are the kitchen and the relative service areas, while on the ground floor there is the atrium, the reception offices, the management and the services. In the evocative complex will come to life a University Center for the training of professionals in the field of ethical food and tourism of the future.

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